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FCKLL 70th Season Makes the News

FCKLL History Celebrated in the Press 

The Falls Church Kiwanis Little League has a rich and fascinating history, which is highlighted in this article in the Falls Church News Press. This great read offers some insights into our league you may not have known--including the fact that a FCKLL alum played in the major leagues!

Which player was it? Check out the article to find out.

Note: The article contains an unattributed comment that criticizes other leagues. While we are pleased that the article paints our league in a positive light, we wish it would not have pointed fingers at other leagues. The comment is not attributed to any person and we are unsure of its origins. Ultimately, we are proud of the way we encourage both healthy competition and player development, but don't feel the need to criticize other leagues for their approach. 


by Patrick Mirza posted 04/19/2018
2018 Home Run Hit-A-Thon

Help Our Players Hit Dingers for Dough

Our biggest fundraiser of the year--the home run Hit-A-Thon--takes place on April 27 and 28. This event generates roughly a quarter of our league's revenue, and will help us pay for new batting cages this year. It also helps us keep registration costs as low as possible. 

Each player can accept pledges online via a unique webpage offered by our partner, 99Pledges. All pledges are tax deductible. 

Plese check your team's schedule on this website to see when and where your players will participate.

Have other questions? Check out our Hit-A-Thon FAQ page for more information. 

by Patrick Mirza posted 04/13/2018
70th Opening Day in the Books!

Snow Can't Mar FCKLL's 70th Opening Day

Predicted snow and rain showers did not materialize for Opening Day of the Falls Church Kiwanis Little League's 70th season, but cold temperatures and a handful of flurries made it hard to believe baseball season was actually here. That is, until one saw the smiles of kids and adults alike happy to launch the league's landmark season. 

Among the many highlights were Delegate Marcus Simon and League President celebrating a proclamation recognizing the league as the state's oldest little league. For selected photos of the event, see the league's Facebook page.  

by Patrick Mirza posted 04/08/2018
New Year, New Bats!

Look for the USA Baseball logo before buying a bat!


New Specifications for Bats

In 2018, Little League programs will be using new bats that meet new specifications.

The good news: The new bats will be safer (they play more like wooden bats).

The bad news: Your slugger’s old bats can no longer be used at Little League events.

You don’t need to buy a new bat: FCKLL will provide two new bats for every team in the league. But if you want to buy a new bat, be sure it meets the new standards and carries the USA Baseball logo. (For a list of approved bats, visit usabat.com.)

What should you do with your old bat? Don’t throw it away! We will be collecting old bats (and any other baseball equipment in good working order) to donate to need children in other countries. Bring your equipment to Assessment Day on Feb. 18, or Opening Day on April 7. 

by Patrick Mirza posted 01/02/2018
Field Status
Falls Church HS (FC5) - Falls Church OPEN (4/22) 
Idylwood Park #2 - Falls Church OPEN (4/22) 
Idylwood Park #3 - Falls Church OPEN (4/22) 
Jefferson Village Park - Falls Church OPEN (4/22) 
Larry Graves Field #2 - Falls Church OPEN (4/22) 
Walnut Hill East - Falls Church OPEN (4/22) 
Walnut Hills West - Falls Church OPEN (4/22) 
Westgate Field #1 - McLean OPEN (4/22) 
Westgate Field #2 - McLean OPEN (4/22) 
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