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Hit-A-Thon FAQs

What is Hit-A-Thon?

The Hit-A-Thon is very similar to a walk-a-thon. Each player in the League participates. Players solicit sponsors to make a tax-deductible donation to our league. The amount of the pledge can be based on the
number of home runs each player attains or a flat dollar amount. Each player swings at 12 balls. The
distance required for a “home run” will vary, based on level. It is our hope that every player will be able to
attain one or more “home runs” during their 12 swings.


When is it?

  • For Majors, the 2018 Hit-A-Thon is on Friday, April 27, at Diamond Heroes.
  • For Single A through Triple A, the Hit-a-Thon is on Saturday, April 28, at Diamond Heroes.
  • For Tee-Ball, the Hit-A-Thon is on Saturday, April 28, at Westgate 2.
  • Single A through Majors teams should expect to be at Diamond Heroes for 30-45 minutes.
  • Tee-Ball teams should expect to be at Westgate 2 for 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Check out the full schedule on www.fckll.org

Where is it?
As indicated above, Tee-Ball is at Westgate 2, and everyone else is at Diamond Heroes (2829 Door
Avenue, Merrifield VA 22031).

Diamond Heroes will allow us to digitally measure home runs, exit velocity, and more! Plus there are no rainouts at Diamond Heroes! Every player hitting at Diamond Heroes will be asked to sign the waive--this will come from your Coach via email, or you can sign up on arriving at the Hit-A-Thon.

Why do we need to raise money for FCKLL? Doesn’t the registration cover it all?
The Hit-A-Thon is our largest fundraiser, and raises 25-30% of the annual budget of the League. In
addition to allowing us to provide top-notch fields and equipment (such as the new bats required this
year), we use these funds to conduct players’ and coaches’ clinics and continually improve our facilities.


What is our goal?
The more players who participate, the better it is for FCKLL, and the more fun we all have! We are trying
to raise $1,200 per team, regardless of level. The teams who win the team prizes usually have every
single player participating.

Should I request a flat donation or a pledge?
Generally, it is easiest to collect a flat donation of $10, $50, or any amount. You are also welcome to
request a pledge, such as $10 per “home run”. Each player has a goal of $100. We anticipate that every
player can hit one or more “home runs.”

How can friends and family donate?
We use an online tool called 99 Pledges to handle donations. You will be sent a link to your player pledge
page. In addition, you can click here to find your player’s page. Donations can be made through the secure website by credit card. All donations to the Falls Church Kiwanis Little League are tax-deductible.


Where is my link?
If you don’t see a link to your personal 99 Pledges page, check your junk mail! If it isn’t there, contact Kirsten Fatzinger (kirstenfatz@gmail.com).


How long do we have to get donations?
You should begin sharing your player’s pledge page as soon as you can. For purposes of determining
prizes, the cut-off for fundraising is May 5, 2018, although the website will remain active if any donations
come in after that date.


What are the prizes?
Prizes for team and individual accomplishments include the following: 

Team Awards

    1. The team that the raises the most money, league wide, wins two tickets for each player to a Nationals game. (Limit 30
    2. Every team that raises $1,200 will be entered in a drawing to win two tickets for every player to a Nationals game, up to 30 tickets. (The team that win prize #1 is ineligible for this drawing.)
    3. Every team that raises $500 will be entered in a drawing for a free party at Diamond Heroes. (Teams that win prizes #1 and #2 are ineligible.)

Individuals Awards
    4. The league’s highest individual fundraiser will win a signed Nats baseball plus 6 tickets to a Nationals game.
    5. The league’s second-highest individual fundraiser will win a signed Nats baseball plus 2 tickets to a Nationals game.
    6. The player who raises the most money in each of the league’s six divisions (Majors, AAA, AA, A, Tee Ball Sluggers and Tee Ball Rookies) will win 2 tickets to a Nationals game. (Winners of prizes #4 and #5 are ineligible.)
    7. Each The player in levels A through Majors who hits the most home runs in his or her division wins 2 tickets to Nationals game. (In case of a tie at levels A through Majors, the winner will be the player with the hit registering the highest exit velocity. There is no tiebreaker for Tee Ball players, who will not be hitting on machines that measure exit velocity.)
    8. Each player who raises $1 or more will be entered in a drawing for a free week of Baseball Camp at Diamond Heroes.

Do the players enjoy the Hit-A-Thon?
YES! This is a traditional highlight of the baseball season. Kids enjoy seeing who hits the most home
runs, and competing for prizes. Regardless of fundraising, this is a fun way to encourage team
camaraderie and pride!


How else can I help? 
Please take a volunteer shift! You can sign up for a specific time slot by clicking here.